About the Company

Advantage Payment Services (APS) is a data management, decisioning, and actioning company that leverages public, proprietary, and third party data to assist companies with their marketing, compliance, verification, and validation needs. With over 25 years serving customers ranging from national financial institutions to regional and community service providers, APS has earned the reputation of being honest, flexible, and fair in the delivery of our services.

Our cloud-based platform allows for stabile, rapid, and agile development support by a seamless ability to scale for growth without hardware investment needs.

At APS, we take pride in our work and the services we provide. You will always have direct access to senior level management to discuss your needs and ensure you obtain service at a level you expect.

The preferred choice in identity verification

Issuers and program managers love the increased profits, decreased costs, and stronger, simplified compliance controls.

Improved customer acquisition process
  • More quality customers and fewer missed opportunities
  • Lower verification costs
  • Open more quality accounts in less time
Decrease in manual reviews
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Fewer fraud instances
  • More effective fraud mitigation
Better data sources

APS delivers you the most up-to-date, accurate data, available at the lowest possible cost. Using our superior data sources will increase the number of quality customers while improving your compliance efforts.

Expert advice and ongoing support

Providing product support is not enough. As an APS client, you will have access to top industry experts who will help you not only integrate our solutions, but help you utilize them to maximize revenues, profits, and compliance.