Dispute Advantage: Watchlist Screening

Reliable, Efficient, & Compliant Dispute Case Management

Dispute Advantage increases the reliability and efficiency of servicing disputes while ensuring compliance.

A Comprehensive Feature Set

One-Stop Shop

Dispute Advantage gives clients the ability to manage the entire dispute process from claim to final resolution within a secure, PCI Compliant cloud-based architecture.

Full Case Management

Cases are queued for review and organized for management of compliance requirements. Documentation and action items are stored and cataloged within each case.

Increase Efficiency

Dispute cases can be evenly distributed to help work force management.

Improve Reliability

Dispute Advantage is designed to replace old paper-based processes that are prone to error and difficult to audit for compliance.

Better Organization

Information related to each dispute is stored within the case management module and retained to assist with future investigations and audits.

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