Advantage DM: Document Manager

Increase Efficiency. Boost Organization. Reduce Cost.

Document Management Advantage (DMA) increases efficiency by providing a one-stop shop for document retrieval, routing, and retention

A Integrated Feature Set

Document Management Advantage connects Watchlist Advantage, ID Advantage, Dispute Advantage, and Fraud Advantage

Electronic File Cabinet

APS’ Document Management Advantage (DMA) is electronic file cabinet software used to receive, track, organize, and manage documents.

Custom Queues

Create custom queues to help organize your documents, eliminating the need for documents to be moved multiple times.

Efficient and Secure

PCI compliant cloud-based storage is fast, reliable, and secure.

User Collaboration

DMA allows multiple individuals to view, edit, and organize a document, improving work force management.

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The Advantage Solutions Suite turns customer identification and risk management into a customer lifecycle solution that you are going to love.