Fraud Advantage

Detect, Prevent, & Manage Fraud

A multi-layered fraud management system that utilizes cascading rules to identify likely fraud patterns and detect potentially fraudulent activity.

A Comprehensive Feature Set

High Risk Behavior Detection

Monetary and non-monetary data is carefully scrubbed to identify transactions and other data elements that may be an indicator of increased risk. Analyze data from a single or several accounts, along with careful velocity monitoring, establish an effective way to identify the risk so action can be taken with minimal loses.

Full Case Management

Cases can be opened using the case management module to allow investigators to organize and store data as cases are being worked. Documentation and action items are stored and cataloged within each case.

Comprehensive View

Information from prior cases, as well as information from other sources (such as Dispute Advantage) are collected into a single and comprehensive view of the account, providing an overview of the customer's history.

Adaptive and Configurable

Fraud Advantage becomes stronger with each pass of new information and has the ability to configure based on client needs and unique conditions. Information resides in a secure, cloud-based architecture that allows for rapid changes and seamless expansion.

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