Advantage OFAC: Watchlist Screening

Comprehensive & Accurate Watchlist Monitoring You Can Count On

Create another layer of protection monitoring with up-to-date watchlist data. Gain confidence in your compliance by minimizing false positives and focusing on what’s important: your customers.

A Comprehensive Feature Set

Supports Compliance

APS’ Watchlist Advantage is designed to help organizations comply with industry regulations while monitoring the most current OFAC and other sanctioned lists.

Industry Best Algorithm

Our name recognition technology employs modern heuristics to identify individuals on sanctioned lists even if they try to hide their identity through multiple variations of their name.

Results Reporting

With increased regulatory pressure, it is critical organizations stay compliant. Watchlist Advantage boasts automated list updates and results reporting, helping customers mitigate risk and review outputs.

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The Advantage Solutions Suite turns customer identification and risk management into a customer lifecycle solution that you are going to love.